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20 January 2016
Loyalty - Time for something new
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Creating and running a business these days can be a tough ask. This is more so for local businesses. Customers are more discerning and when they have the power of the internet at their fingertips, they are no longer thnking locally but globally.

As a business owner, how often have you noticed customers eyeing up your product or service and then start researching it on their mobile devices or computers. They are not just looking for what your product or service is all about and they are not just looking at you. The world is their playground and your local business is no longer just a local business.

No matter what an enterprise owner thinks about their venture, it is always the customer that ultimately defines that undertaking. As such, it becomes important to form connections that are more than just about products or services. Furthermore, those connections have to extend beyond just bricks and mortar.Loyalty cards out of one wallet

One way is to establish a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are a dime a dozen and they take many forms - from simple stamp cards to more complex managed programs. But even here, local enterprises can struggle as the overall cost of setting up and running such a program can become rather onerous. Stamp cards are cheap but the connection with the customer is very limited and doesn't extend into cyberspace where the real stuff is happening today. Then there's the overall cost of setting up and managing your own online scheme and don't forget the time factor. You could buy into a managed program but now things are starting to get more serious.

With all these options, what about the customer? The real experience here is that wallets and purses are being flooded. Managed programs dominate the market and the connections with smaller enterprises gets more difficult to support. So, what can be done? Loyal Echo may be a solution.

Loyal Echo on mobile - nice cuppa too
Loyal Echo offers a platform to build and manage your own online loyalty program at a very affordable price. This does two things for local enterprises straight off the bat: First, it gives the local enterprise an online presence without having to create and manage a website or anything fancy. Secondly, it creates a connection with your client that, in today's online environment, is more hands-on so to speak. Your clients have your card, that you've created, literally at their fingertips. This is a huge step forward for local enterprises. For the customer, they can start lightening their load.

But wait there's more as they say. Loyal Echo is not just for business ventures. In addition to the three programs offered and targeted at businesses generally, there is a fourth program that many organisations such as clubs, societies, schools, and non-profit entities may find interesting. It's called the Deeds program and is created on the premise that a good deed deserves to be recognised and rewarded. It is designed to encourage greater community and local participation. Many for-profit organsations may also benefit from the Deeds program as they are often involved in community based events.

You can find Loyal Echo at https://www.loyalecho.com.


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