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My Wife's Garden

4 May 2014
Carol's garden1

Carol's approach to gardening is very different from mine. I tend to be more haphazard, not worrying about weeds or doing huge amounts of work just to look after a garden. Take a look at my garden project to get a better idea.

garden with tubing structure
By contrast, Carol prefers a clean and orderly look. In addition, the garden became a "mission" where lots of things had to be done. As a result, making a garden became a project with considerable substance.

The garden was cleared of all weeds and then layered with additional compost material. Planting and watering then took place but it didn't stop there. Carol then sliced up a roll of 10mm plastic irrigation pipe, braced it with a simple timber support, to form the structure to enclose the garden. The plastic pipes were nailed to the garden walls to provide a firm structure.

garden with cloches
Our place can get quite windy and so, in order to provide some protection for the plants, cloches were purchased. Then began the trials to determine the best way to attached this covering.

On the right hand garden, the cloche was attached with simple bull dog clips. If it was me, I probably would have stopped there and cracked open another beer.

Carol, by contrast, took the material into the sewing room. On the left hand side garden, as a consequence, the pipes are threaded through the material before being fixed to the walls of the garden. This allowed the material to slide up and down the pipe as required with no additional fixings needed.

The strawberry and seedless blackberry patches were tidied up, fertilised and watered.

strawberry & blackberry patch

The fruits of the labour were subsequently enjoyed.

the fruits of the labour


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