Vulcan Nomad - Engine Rebuild

my bike sprung a leak

My bike sprung a leak.

My bike had sprung a leak. Nothing big but enough to get my attention. It looked like one of the seals had gone.

It turned out to be far more of a problem. In order to fix it, the engine would need to be lifted out of the frame. Also, given that the engine is unlikely to have had any major work done on it since manufacture, it was possible that other seals and gaskets wouldn't be far behind in needing replacing.

So we bit the bullet and decided that a complete engine rebuild was in order.

It's not often that the heart of a Nomad is taken apart and I wanted it documented. Unfortnately, I only have a couple of pics to share. I know that there are other videos and photos and, if and when I get them, I'll update this page.

The rebuild was done by Maidstone Yamaha in Upper Hutt, Wellington and a link to their page is here: Maidstone Yamaha. Mac's always been good at looking after me and my bikes.

The rebuild was done at 88560km - basically now a brand new engine good to go for another 20 years.

Since the engine rebuild, the Vance and Hines pipes have been sounding even better than before.

Engine's out of the bike'

Engine's out of the bike

The engine and the mechanic

The engine and the mechanic

I also noticed that the engine and the sound of the pipes was a lot smoother after the rebuild.

Will update if and when I get more pics and videos.

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