Vulcan Nomad - Oil And Filter Change

Bike is ready for an oil and filter change

Bike is ready for an oil and filter change

It was time to do an oil and filter change on the bike. This was to be the 1000km service since the engine rebuild. I had actually done 1276km so it was definitely time I attended to this job.

The first thing I did was level the bike. I have a pretty simply method for doing this and you can find out more about this here: Levelling The Bike.

I have put together a short video of what I did. It's not really instructional but it may be of interest. For a really decent instructional video on how to do an oil change, check out this youtube link: How to change motorcycle oil, Kawasaki Vulcan

Also, people have different opinions about whether or not to prefill the oil filter. Manufacturers generally do not recommend prefilling the filter before installing. Also, my Haynes manual for the bike specifies different oil volumes depending on whether the filter is being changed or not. I tend to simply coat the seal with oil and install - simple and no mess. For more detail about this issue, check out this youtube link: Should You Pre Fill a oil or Fuel Filter?

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