Vulcan Nomad - Joy Ride

In the beginning...

Vulcan Nomad - Joy Ride

I've owned a number of bikes. The latest is the 1998 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad pictured above. Like all my previous bikes, it is more than just a ride. There is always some project associated with it.

My last bike had been a Yamaha FJ1200. It was a big bike but really great to ride. The only downside was that my knees started locking up on longer rides; quite painful. Eventually, when I was in the market for another bike, I decided it would have to be a cruiser with floorboards. I also decided that an 800cc class would suit me better. I looked around for about 6 months and took a number of bikes out for a test ride. However, there was always something that didn't feel right.

I had almost settled on a 800cc machine when along came this Vulcan Nomad. It was a 1500cc machine. I liked the look of it but didn't think I could ride it. After all, I'm not a big guy (5'8" and a bit). The "bit" is important as it makes me a bit taller than my wife. Why's that important? No idea, but there it is.

I decided to take some of the larger bikes out for a test ride. I managed and in the end settled on purchasing the Vulcan Nomad for 2 reasons. It had the most comfortable seat and the floorboards were positioned just right.

It is a really nice cruising bike. Great on the long trips. The long wheelbase and the bike's propensity for the floorboards to scrape the pavement around corners means that it is a slow ride where winding roads (eg Rimutaka hills) are concerned - or maybe that's just me.

The first project on the bike had to do with the aged and scratched windshield. Read on...

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