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Materials and Foundation

I've set out below details of the materials used and the deviations from the plan; some things only make sense when the rubber hits the road..... This is not a "how to..." - just a general description. Also, some of it may be unorthodox - but then again, I'm not a builder.

Core Materials

  • Timber - most of it is rail timber except for the door and top windows;
  • Base coarse for the foundation;
  • Concrete pavers and paving sand;
  • 4mm Plexiglass for the bottom section;
  • 3mm plexiglass for the windows;
  • Solasafe clear corrugated roofing sheets and the capping.


I designed the foundation section to sit just below ground. I hate digging, particularly in rock. Our back yard is pretty much river bed rock and excess digging was something I went out of my way to avoid. On the plus side, this same ground was going to ensure I had a solid foundation. I levelled out the area for my box, dug the corner post holes, built my box making sure that the top of the box was level from all angles and then set the corner posts in concrete making sure that the posts are straight.

The corner posts are 2.7m in length and not 2.4m as in the plan. The 2.4m posts would have meant that the structure would be too short and the likelihood of brain injury quite high. Thankfully, the inspector from the council agreed.

The second picture shows the base coarse after it had been compacted.

boxing in the foundation area

boxing in the foundation area

laying in the base coarse

laying in the base coarse

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