Spa Pool Enclosure & Pool Cover Opener


pool enclosure - front view
pool enclosure - side view
pool enclosure - corner view

In 2008, my wife,Carol, dragged me out to Heartlands, located in Miramar, Wellington, and in a moment of insanity, we left having purchased a 5 seater spa pool. That was in the middle of June. My initial thoughts about preparing for its arrival was to simply get someone to put down a concrete pad and buy one of those cast iron type pool fences. My wife however wanted something more.....

So, I did some research on available enclosures (the kitset type in particular) but they all seemed to look like garden sheds. The stuff that didn't, looked like a million dollars with a price tag to match. It began to dawn on me that I was developing my own requirements and constraints of what this enclosure should look like. It had to have some of the following features, some of which became more evident during the building phase:

  • it should not look like a shed;
  • it should be a "feature" in our backyard;
  • it should allow one to enjoy the features of our backyard while sitting in the pool;
  • easy to maintain;
  • protection from the wind and rain;
  • had to comply with fencing and building laws.

Eventually, I realised that I would have to design and build the structure myself - that meant a lot of work I hadn't planned on. You can follow the link below for more details.

My thanks also to family and friends who came and helped lift the pool into place. It was a good reason for an impromptu BBQ. An excellent day.

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