Rubberband Car Project

Choice of Materials

There was a range of materials available for this project and these were considered with respect to the customer concerned.

Lightweight material such as cardboard or balsa wood was discounted. The material needed to be tough in order to withstand a two year old's attention.

Acrylic had the desired toughness and the advantage of being relatively lightweight. However, I discounted this material on the grounds that;

  • it may be difficult to ensure that there were no sharp edges. The laser would be able to cut corners round but the edges would be problematic; and
  • it would be difficult to make this material aesthetically pleasing. For example, any paint used on it could flake or be scratched off. This could be of concern given the age of the customer.

The options narrowed to timber. It has toughness, can be easily shaped and painted and is a well tested material for children’s toys. I considered three reasonably lightweight types and from samples, I determined that 6mm and 12 mm composites would be the best options given that weight was of concern.

Materials Width Length Breadth Volume mm^3 Grams mm^3 / Gram
Pine 10 770 40 308000 105 2933.33
Composite 6 200 200 240000 152 1578.95
Composite 12 240 200 576000 383 1503.92

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