Rangi Krishnan

Insulating and Decorating In One

26 July 2021
Insulating and Decorating In One

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The south wall of my bedroom was always cold and I had been trying to wrack my brains around insulating it without tearing the wall apart. I wasn't ready to renovate the room just yet either.

There are lots of ways to insulate including curtains and carpet type tapestries but none of this appealed. But I saw these colourful tapestries online and came up with an idea.

After measuring up, I cut material for a frame using my long straight edge. I used 6mm MDF and sliced 5 lengths at 40mm wide. My board wasn't long enough for the top and bottom pieces so I needed to tack on a couple of extra pieces.

My wall was 3300mm wide and my tapestry was 2250mm wide. I measured the difference and pinned my top pieces with some wall screws. There are plenty of other ways to put this up but everything is light weight and it was all going to be hidden behind the tapestry, so I wasn't too concerned.

Then, using a level, I installed the left hand vertical piece to the wall.

Followed by the right hand side.

Then I finished off the bottom section and this completed the frame.

Next, I had a roll of bubble wrap from another project and I measured and applied this to the inside of the frame using double sided sticky tape. I created a slight overlap between each layer.

Next, I sliced up pieces of sticky velcroe and attached these to the top of the frame. I attached the tapestry to the top. Then I worked my way round the frame starting from the left pulling the material taught as I went along.

Was it worth it - YES - It definitely helps to take the chill of the room that was created by the south wall. It was an easy way to insulate without having to rip out a wall. Could be a useful idea for many places, especially rentals perhaps.

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