Garden Watering System

Putting It Together

The next part of my project was to make a raised platform to enable the system to be gravity fed. This was pretty simple for my garden plot as the plot was boxed in. As such, some timber across one corner was all that was needed.

The lid of the bucket was going to sit upside down on top of the bucket. There were small holes drilled around the centre part of the lid. The idea was to allow the lid to capture rain water; the idea being more fanciful rather than practical.

In order to hold the bucket in place, I simply used two bungy cord hooks; one on either side of the bucket. We get some pretty strong gusts of wind whipping through our back yard and the bucket stayed fixed.

Once the fixings to the bucket had set properly, I attached a piece of hose and tap and a further piece of hose pointing down. This last piece was long enough to ensure that it was below the soil surface by about a hand's depth. The piping was attached and buried in the soil about a hand's depth.

Finally, I planted my plants along the hose. When it came to watering the garden, I hosed down the surface of the garden, filled the bucket and turned on the tap. It also makes delivering soluable nutrients through the water a simple task.

I have had comments that my garden is messy (and you may also be thinking the same looking at some of the photos) so I thought I better explain. I tend to compost directly into the garden and I do not have any probems with weeds in my garden. The weeds seem to be the desired food of the bugs and, as such, they tend to leave my veges alone. This way, I do not have to use any chemicals in the garden. Also, the extra foliage on the soil seems to help reduce the overall surface temperature. My veges do not complain about the company they get to keep and it is less work for me - win win!!

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