Garden Watering System


The shape and size of my garden dictated how I went about this project. You may have a larger or smaller area to cater for. The principles are the same but adjust accordingly.

I chose a 40 litre bucket with a lid. A few centimeters from the bottom of the bucket, I drilled a hole large enough to hold the hose fitting you see above. I included a rubber seal in the screw on end and completely sealed around the fitting with a silicone sealer to prevent leakage around the fitting. I then set this aside to dry and set properly.

I laid out the 13mm ploytube hose on my garden. One long length from the bucket to the other end of the plot and several shorter lengths to go across the width of the plot where I was going to plant. Connection fittings are available from the hardware store that allow you to connect the hoses together in the pattern you want. I then punctured small holes on either side and approximately 10cm apart along the lengths of the hoses. I also made sure that the ends of the hoses were plugged as I did not want water pouring out the ends.

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