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I studied Elliott wave theory for over 10 years. It is an approach to forecasting market behaviour. One of the approaches to analyzing Elliott waves was established by a gentleman named Glenn Neely. He published a book on his approach:

Mastering Elliott Wave, Version 2, Glenn Neely with Eric Hall , 1988, Windsor Books.

Chapter three of his book contained various rules and conditions for undertaking the initial analysis of wave patterns in a market on an objective basis. However, getting ones head around all these rules and conditions can be a daunting experience, possibly enough to put a budding analyst off the subject, and this approach, altogether.

I wanted a way in which I could improve my understanding of this approach and to simplify the analysis process. One of the tools I developed was a set of flowcharts. This book contains these flowcharts. Bear in mind that there may be aspects of interpretation in relation to chapter three that may or may not reflect what Glenn Neely had in mind.

The flowcharts are set out in a pdf book that can be viewed online below or you can hit the save button to save a copy on your computer for your convenience.

Elliott Wave Tools - Flowcharts

If you cannot view the document in the frame, you can click on the "Download" link below to save the file to your computer.

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