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The Future of Parking Spaces

Written in June 2019
The Future of Parking Spaces
Image by ddzphoto - Pixabay

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I was walking home and I stopped off at a park nearby my place. I parked myself down at a park bench located under a large, beautiful tree and the sun shone through its branches dappling the surface of the bench. This seemed the ideal place to contemplate the future of parking spaces.

As I sat there, I was distracted by a tui. I could hear its distinct call but couldn't locate exactly where it was. So I settled on just listening for it and suddenly, time seemed to have passed and it was time to head home and get on with some real work.

My work was interrupted by various odd thoughts about parking spaces that troubled me. For instance, do parking spaces think about their future? I know people contemplate their future but I've never heard of a parking space contemplating its future. This kind of reminds me of the Dirk Gently detective stories where such things just might happen. I was beginning to wonder if I was in such a space and whether such a thing was happening right now. This seemed like a rather slippery slope, so I changed track quickly.

Also, what sort of parking spaces are we talking about? There's the space where I regularly park my butt; there's the space that I might park my car; there's the space that we park our shopping trolleys in after we've taken them for an expensive spin around the various shopping isles. Are we afraid that these trolleys are going to be replaced by those shopping baskets because they have a much smaller parking profile? I certainly hope not, as I simply can't get my head around as to how I'd take one of those for a spin; they'd need a major upgrade of wheels for starters.

Human beings have spent their entire existence on this planet managing to park themselves and all their acquired belongings without too many real issues. On the other hand, there have been many imagined issues and boy, don't they just turn into huge dramas. If there's anyone who knows about dramas, it's Donald Trump. There's always big drama wherever he's parked.

Then there are people who just seem to always be dissatisfied with the spaces that they have and they're always looking for more. Maybe it's because they have large egos, or that they've managed to accumulate so much stuff, that they don't know what to do with it all and just need the extra space to park these while they figure it out. And what about all those who think they have figured it out. They seem to end up going to the other extreme of living like the old woman in a shoe.

In some places, space tends to be limited while in other places it extends as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately, human beings tend to congregate in these small finite spaces, like bars and clubs and coffee shops. There's never really been any real problem with this as far as I can see, until someone starts to park their stuff on someone else's space and, well, I guess there's the rub. I know of many relationships that have ended badly because of such egress beyond defined borders.

Then, there are the astronauts. They're not stupid; they've figured it out - space. They don't call it a space station for nothing you know. Although there's a vast amount of space out there, the need for human beings to congregate in small spaces is evident, even on the space station. There's barely enough room to crack open a can of sardines inside of it and I'd hate to be there when that goes down. Maybe it's all part of our genetics that we're doomed to forever be stepping on each other's toes.

So, what does all of this say about the future of parking spaces, putting aside the Dirk Gently model of the universe for the moment; well perhaps permanently as I've come to the realisation that no good could possibly come from entertaining it. The first thing I can definitely conclude is that the future of parking spaces is assured albeit that the size and shape available at any given time may vary. Secondly, what is also assured, no matter the size or shape of the parking spaces available, expect plenty of drama as people just cannot help themselves. Finally, no matter the waxing and waning of parking spaces in our day to day lives, it is comforting to know that the ultimate parking space is guaranteed for all of us without exception.

For me personally and for the time being, so long as the population doesn't explode into my lounge any time soon, there should be ample parking spaces for me to park myself and my various attachments at a moment’s notice. This is very reassuring as I do enjoy my meagre creature comforts.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the story.

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