Rangi Krishnan

Drill Press Table Project

23 August 2020
Drill Press Table Project

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A good friend of mine loaned me his drill press but the bench in the back of my shed was too high. So I decided to construct a simple bench from various left over materials in the shed.

I have some "real" 2 x 4 pieces from my home renovation and some "pretend" 2 x 4 pieces from another job. The latter is actually 90mm x 45mm framing timber; so no quite 2 x 4.

I remembered seeing a video quite some time ago about a simple workshop bench and I thought that I could do something similar.

The drill press isn't light and the bench has to be able to carry that weight. So making it out of 2 x 4 should make it pretty sturdy.

So I started by cutting up the framing timber to size in order to build the frame: 4 pieces at 850mm for the legs; 12 pieces at 700mm long for the width and depth;

I also needed 1 piece to brace the top of the bench as I only had some 12mm mdf board.

Once the pieces had been cut, I set up my "square board". It's just a piece of 800mm x 600mm mdf board with two pieces of timber screwed to the top and side. I used a framing square to make sure it was square. Because of the size of the timber I was dealing with, I needed to increase the height of the sides of the board by simply clamping a couple of pieces of wood to the board.

I used my square board to square up the sides with the legs of the frame and screwed the pieces together.

Once the 2 sides were done, I clamped the front pieces to the frame. They needed some encouragement to all line up but once clamped, I screwed these in place. I did the same for the back.

It was about this time that I noticed that I had forgotten to turn the sides around before doing the front and back. I had intended for the legs to be on the outside. I thought about dismantling it. That thought lasted less than a second. I just laughed and moved on.

I had some 12mm mdf which were odd sizes so weren't going to fit. So I cut pieces for the top and middle shelf and screwed them in - nothing fancy, just quick and dirty. By then, I had run out of reasonable material for the bottom shelf but that could wait for another time.

Finally I shifted the drill press onto the bench and it's perfect for the job.

Hope you enjoyed the project and thanks for watching.

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