Project Briefs

The JigMaker

Get more mileage from your circular saw with this jig. The runners are adjustable to fit most circular saw bases. Great for consistent and accurate crosscuts and mitres. Portable and easy to store. You can find out more at The JigMaker

Loyal Echo

Loyal Echo

Loyal Echo is a powerful DIY loyalty platform. I built this project particularly with small to medium sized businesses in mind. It enables a busniess to create and manage their own loyalty program at an affordable price. It also gives them a web presence that connects directly with their customers. You can find out more at

Android Applications

Android Applications

I have written several android applications including two children's books for the android platform. Video demonstrations can also be found on this site for some of the applications. Details of applications available can be found here

Rubberband Car Project

Rubberband Car1

As part of the design and drawing course of the Batchelor of Engineering Technology degree at the Wellington Institute of Technology, we undertook a project to design and construct a rubberband powered car. We were free to come up with our own designs subject to four contraints: one relating to dimensions, the second relating to performance, the third relating to payload and the fourth relating to standards. The car was not to exceed an overall width of 150mm and wheelbase of 300mm. With regards to performance, the car had to be able to complete a predefined 6 meter course which included an incline. See more...

A Garden Watering System

Garden Watering System

Ever get tired of hanging onto a hose or wasting water with a sprinkler system. Here is a simple garden watering system that you may find useful. See more...

Newtonian Telescope/Dobsonian Mount


My daughter was interested in astronomy and to encourage that interest I decided to have a go at building a telescope. I wanted something that could be self contained in some way - basically so that everything collapses down into a box that can be easily handled and stored away when not in use. See more...

Spa Pool Enclosure and Pool Cover Opener

Spa Pool Enclosure

This section includes a description, drawings and other details of a spa pool enclosure. In addition, for subscribers, there are plans for a very effective pool cover opener that can be constructed very cheaply and easily. See more...

Elliott Wave Tools

Elliott Wave Tools

Glenn Neely devised a detailed methodology for analysing Elliott wave patterns. Chapter three of his book provides for a set of logic rules and conditions. However, getting one's head around these rules can be pretty daunting. In this section, there is a set of flow chart diagrams that can be used to help navigate the rules and conditions of chapter three. For subscribers, there is a progam that can be downloaded that may further simplify the analysis of chapter three. See more...

Learning C++ Programming

Learning c++

In this section are some resources students may find helpful in learning C++ programming. See more...

Vulcan Nomad - Joy Ride

Vulcan Nomad-Joy Ride

I've owned a number of bikes. The latest is a 1998 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad. Like all my previous bikes, it is more than just a ride. There is always some project associated with it. See more...

DIY Gift Ideas

diy gift ideas

In this section are several diy gift ideas. Making gifts for your friends and family adds a personal touch that you just can't buy. Here, you'll find some of the things that I have made for others. See more...

I would love to hear from you. If you have thoughts about the site, suggestions for projects, tools or apps, please drop me a line using the Contact Page.