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January 2019

I've been really busy developing The JigMaker project and you can find out more at The JigMaker

I'm also working on a Transit van conversion and I'll update this site with plenty of details a bit later.

I've updated the Home page to make it easier to understand the site and to navigate and I've updated and fixed various other parts of the site.

May 2018

A new project - The JigMaker. The JigMaker makes jigs/tools particularly for the do-it-yourself ("DIY") market. Currently 3 jigs are available: A Circular Saw Sled which adjusts to fit most circular saws and great for consistent and accurate crosscuts and mitres. A Universal Drill Press Table which extends the useable space on most drill presses. A Universal Straight Cut which allows you to make straight cuts with a circular saw or router. You can find out more at The JigMaker

October 2017

I've been busy with lots of projects so it has been a while since I have done some updates. I have added several pages to the Vulcan Nomad bike section. A new tank job, oil and filter change, levelling a big bike the easy way, engine rebuild and the last mile as I shift gear to a new adventure (more details of that later). Hope you enjoy the new additions.

January 2016

I've been working on a new project called Loyal Echo. It's been a massive undertaking but I wanted to build something that local businesses could use to help build their relationships with customers. Although the initial focus was on businesses, it became even bigger. You can find Loyal Echo at Please check out my latest blog about Loyal Echo here. Enjoy and don't forget to share.

February 2015

Launched the new look site. The site is responsive so should work well on mobiles and tablets as well as desktops.

Added an online version of Value4Money tool. Will build more tools as I get time.

January 2015

Rebuilding this website. Time for a fresh look and also a new strategy. Started using Visual Studio Community for this project. Bootstrap made css a breeze. The new site will go live in early February.

Continued involvement with the dart project.

June 2014

Attended the Start Expo 2014 held in Tokoroa wrote a blog about this event. Read the blog here. Enjoy and don't forget to share, etc.

Became involved with an IT startup project. Check it out at

May 2014

Created a website for my daughter's business - Graceful Beauty Makeup. See it here.

Published a blog about my bike ride around the North Island - called Tiki Tour North Island. Read the blog here. Enjoy and don't forget to share, etc.

April 2014

Wrote the first blog for this year; My Wife's Garden. Read the blog here. Enjoy and don't forget to share, etc.

March 2014

Mostly planning this month and following up on prospective future projects.

Rode to hamilton and helped with search and rescue when a family member went missing. An amazing and, at the same time, very sad experience. I'll may write a blog about this at a later time.

February 2014

Family holiday in Australia all month. Flew to Sydney and then drove to New Castle then drove the coastal route to Melbourne. From Melbourne, we flew to Perth and stayed at a lovely place in Rockingham right by the sea. End of the month we flew back to Wellington via Sydney. A great time with lots of friends and family over in Aus.

January 2014

Happy New Year to all. Hope your holidays have gone well.

I've decided to take some time off away from computer type stuff so there's not much add this month.

December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and well earned holiday.

Rebuilt the value4money app. Version 3.0 is a major upgrade that brings new features:

  • Value 4 Money calculator;
  • Shopping list feature;
  • Social features;
  • Redesigned screen with tabs and swipe functions;
  • For the technically minded, this version employs Sherlock fragments, actionbar tabs and viewpager.
  • See more on my android page here.

November 2013

Published my second blog; Tiki Tour Wellington. Check it out here.

Promotional activities continued.

October 2013

October already and one of the kids mentioned Christmas and my brown face started turning white.

I've been focusing on promotional stuff this month - lots of work involved. Be nice and share and like heaps please.

I have also set up a blog page as you may notice from the ePhi-Blogs tab.

Released a new app - "R we there yet" - A Google Maps location based alarm. See more on my android page here.

Thanks to Arran and Caitlin for their feedback on the design of my website.

September 2013

Launched a new service - Writing - Research - Analysis.

Did a lot of work relating to the administration of this site.

August 2013

Made further site changes.

Updated my Ubuntu server. Changed web applications from apache/mod-mono to nginx/fastcgi/mono. The performance difference was significant. Pages also load much faster. Added https security to my site. Created a facebook tab and page for android applications - main reason for the https. Did all go smoothly? No - it was like coarse sandpaper - crash and burn. It took me a while to figure it all out and the sun's shining again.

Created video for Value4Money app - see it here

Created video for ScreamBuddy app - see it here

Created video for Kitty Conundrum app - see it here

Created video for Seesaw Kitty app - see it here

July 2013

Updated AlphaNomad Pro and AlphaNomad Free - available from Google Play and Amazon.

ScreamBuddy Free now available from Google Play and Amazon.

Value4Money Free now available from Google Play and Amazon.

Updated this site; fresh coat of paint, better navigation, bells and whistles. Join the site for free.

Set up the Vulcan Nomad project pages.

I would love to hear from you. If you have thoughts about the site, suggestions for projects, tools or apps, please drop me a line using the Contact Page.