About ePhiInspired Limited

ePhiInspired Limited is a New Zealand based company located in Upper Hutt, Wellington.

Its purpose is to help advance projects and to showcase various projects, endeavours, invention and design that cover a range of disciplines.

About The Director

Rangi Krishnan

My name is Rangi Krishnan. I am perhaps best described as a generalist. The tenor of the projects on this site (including the construction and hosting of this site) may to some extent reflect that. I have a wide range of interests and my background also includes engineering disciplines.

Previously, I had a twenty year career with Inland Revenue, New Zealand that involved a variety of roles and projects including a role to establish a VAT system in Western Samoa. I was a senior analyst/senior adjudicator within the Adjudication and Rulings business group and eventually the manager of the Field Liaison and Communication unit within that business group. My final project involved the restructuring of the business group into the Office of the Chief Tax Counsel.

The orininal idea for this website came about primarily because I had a number of projects I had undertaken and documented. So it seemed a natural progression to share some of this work. Through the company, this has developed into providing project services and developing and sharing project ideas. I trust you will find something of value on this site and something to inspire you in your own endeavours.

I would love to hear from you. If you have thoughts about the site, suggestions for projects, tools or apps, please drop me a line using the Contact Page.