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Engaging in interesting and creative projects, creating and building tools that people want and are useful, writing about these experiences and sharing with the world.

Project Briefs

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. In this section you will find a brief description of various projects that I trust you will find interesting. The projects include:

  • Andriod Applications
  • Rubberband Car Project
  • A Garden Watering System
  • Newtonian Telescope/Dobsonian Mount
  • Spa Pool Enclosure and Pool Cover Opener
  • Elliott Wave Tools
  • Learning C++ Programming
  • Vulcan Nomad - Joy Ride
  • DIY Gift Ideas
  • Loyal Echo - Loyalty Platform - Startup Enterprise
  • The JigMaker - Jig Making Project - Startup Enterprise

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In this section you will find a series of blogs on various topics including motorcycle riding, technology and creative solutions to everyday activities.

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Creating and running a business these days can be a tough ask. This is more so for local businesses. Customers are more discerning and when they have the power of the internet at their fingertips, they are no longer thnking locally but globally.

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This section has some tools you may find useful. The tools presently available are:

  • Value4Money - a must have when out shopping
  • Elliott wave flowcharts for market analysis

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Recent Activity

This section keeps you apprised of what's being done and what's new.

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I would love to hear from you. If you have thoughts about the site, suggestions for projects, tools or apps, please drop me a line using the Contact Page.